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Dues & Assessments

The dues/assessment of one payment each year is not optional. Anyone who owns property in Spring Lake Villages I through VI is automatically a member of the Spring Lake Property Association, Inc. Under the Articles of Incorporation dated February 28, 1988 and the Deeds of Restrictions, this Florida Corporation has the legal right to fix, levy, collect, and enforce payment by any lawful means.


The purpose of the Association is to enforce the Deed of Restrictions for each village. This includes approval of plans, specifications and location of new homes and making sure properties are well maintained, etc. All restrictions apply to lot owners as well as homeowners. Empty lots are watched for fallen trees, occasional truck parking or something similar.


The Association also works on behalf of the property owners to fight undesirable zoning changes and other things that could affect the quality of life in the Spring Lake area.


The annual fee is used totally for the operation of the Spring Lake Property Association, Inc. There are no paid officers. There are two part-time employees. The annual dues cover foreclosure paperwork, liens, office postage, lending closet, yearly picnic, notary services, preparation for monthly board meeting, mileage for Board members (if needed), lending closet (medical equipment for homeowners use) and monthly rental charge, violation officer (volunteer) for deed restrictions, faxes and copies for homeowners (no charge).


The only way to maintain a high quality community is to make sure all property owners follow the Deed of Restrictions; therefore, we need for an Association to enforce them.

Pertinent Information

Please be advised: You will need to obtain our permit BEFORE applying for a county permit!

Here you will find pertinent information for our community.

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